H. Bonnet
Southeast Alaska Artist and Illustrator
Aeronautical – Marine – Landscapes -Seascapes

The paintings of H. Bonnet are quite possibly the most beautiful and stunning works of fine art to come out of Alaska since Sydney Laurence.   Bonnet is famous in his own right throughout Alaska and beyond. His paintings have graced the walls of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. and his art has been enjoyed by people from around the world, who take it home with them after visiting Alaska.

Many of his pieces are set with the Southeast Alaska wilderness as a backdrop to a special aircraft or ship, which are technically accurate.  His attention to minute detail is infinite.  His skies are wild, like Alaska, his mountains imposing and he is expert at catching the special colors and light of his setting, which is usually a beautiful Southeastern Alaska landscape scene.

We welcome you and hope you enjoy perusing the gallery of his work.   You may also purchase limited edition, signed, fine art prints of some of his original works through the catalog.

Bonnet also does paintings on aircraft propellers and portholes, plus he will personalize some of his prints.  As he says, “I don’t do gold pans or saw blade, I only do portholes and propellers”.   Personalizing a print involves taking one of his prints, of a boat or ship, and adding a personalized name on the vessel,  for the buyer.  He does this in his own hand.   For these and other commission work, please contact the artist directly.